Cyprus & Finding your Way

During the holiday season there are regular bus services between the main holiday resorts and places of interest. However, you will probably not be able to find a bus service if you are not located on one of the main coastal roads or high ways within Cyprus. There are many charter services that operate only during the holiday season. Cyprus Sea View offers an all year round service regardless of where you live.

The buses in Cyprus are not ones that you would call modern and due to the many stops along the routes the service is not one that can be called express but is a fairly reliable service. It is normal to be able to flag a bus down from almost anywhere and not necessarily at one of the official bus stops. The fares are inexpensive which match the lack of luxury during travel. Some of the older buses won’t even have air conditioning and appear to only have two speeds which are STOP and GO FAST.

If the joys of travelling by bus or coach do not appeal to you then there are plenty of taxis available and an increasing number of mini buses that can accommodate a medium sized group of people. These are a great way to get around but it is advisable that you fix a price before you agree to travel. Although taxis and mini buses are set to a fixed price by the government it is not unknown for some drivers to ‘forget’ to turn on the meter and make the price up as they go along.

There are a large number of companies that offer coach excursions across the island and even some that offer jeep safaris to parts of the island that are less accessible. The consideration of maybe hiring a self drive mini bus is always an option if there is a group of you so that you are not tied down to the time table of the organised coach trip.

One of the best ways in which to see a lot of the island and keep your freedom to do things in your own time scale is to hire a car. Road signs and directions are in English as well as Greek making getting around Cyprus almost stress free. A great advantage to hiring a car in Cyprus rather than using the Cyprus buses is that you collect the car at the airport and return it to the same place leaving you with no transfer fees from the airport to your accommodation.

The choice on how best to travel around the island of Cyprus is entirely your own, whether it is going to be by car hire, taxi, minibus or the STOP and GO Cyrus bus!

The option to use Cyprus Sea View to assist in your research on Cyprus or your search to find the right company offering the right service for you is yours and yours alone.

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